The Royal Castle Stockholm

The royal castle in Stockholm has 605 rooms. It is the biggest castle in word that is still in use by a king. The castle is the workplace for Karl XVI. The royal family lives in another palace outside Stockholm. The castle is built on the old castle Tre Kronor that was destroyed in a fire in the year 1697. The royal castle was designed by the architect Nicodemus Tessin. The castle was ready in the year 1754 and the first king that lived in the castle was Adolf Fredrik with his queen Lovisa Ulrika.

Today there are 45 soldiers protecting the king and the castle 24 hours a day and night. The soldiers are a part of the royal guards (Hogvakten). The royal guard has been protecting the castle since 1523. The solders are armed with real weapons and live ammunition. They may use there weapons in order to protect the castle and the king.