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Old Town Stockholm

About Old Town Stockholm

This place is bustling and is a compact island. It has some of the most colourful buildings from 17th to 18th century. It is also home to a lot of mediaeval palaces.

How Old Is Stockholm?

Stockholm is about 769 years old.

What Does Gamla Stan Mean?

It means "The Old Town". Until the year 1980, it was called Gamla Stan. It is also a very safe place.

Is Stockholm An Expensive City

Since it is the capital of Sweden, it is not exactly the cheapest place to live, but it is not as expensive as London or New York.

Facts On Old Town Stockholm

It is World's Smallest Big City

It is also one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Oldest Building is The Riddarholmen Church

You should definitely go there if you are ever in Stockholm. You will definitely love it.

Venue for the Award of the First Nobel Prizes

The most distinguished and highest accolade you can ever get is given out here

Second Most Visited in the Nordic Countries.

Tourist are always buzzing around this town. They absolutely love it.

Visit Old Town Stockholm

How Long Does It Take To Cover Old Town Stockholm?

I feel that if you want to do a proper tour of old town Stockholm, you will need at least a week. In a week you will be able to see almost everything.

Happy Tourists

"I was so glad that I went here. I had the best time."
"I had an amazing time here. Absolutely fabulous spot."

More About Stockholm

Its is the capital of Sweden and it is also the most populous city in Sweden and Scandinavia as well. Millions of people live here harmoniously.

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The Classic Way To Spend Your Time In Stockholm’s Old Town of Sweden

Stockholm’s old town of Sweden has all that you need and stands up to form the perfect vacation. Thanks to that, you can head out to the place and look towards having a good time. But you also need to follow a simple guide and look into the best places to visit and the best things to do. So to give you a complete idea of the same here’s the best way to spend your time in Stockholm’s old town of Sweden.

Swedish Parliament

The tiny island of Helgeandsholmen is the best place to start your adventure because it is home to the Swedish Parliament. There are free guided tours to take you through this journey, and as a tourist, you couldn’t ask for something better. From heritage to culture, the parliament holds all that you need and moves ahead to offer an experience that is worth it. As a result, you need to visit the parliament and look towards making the most of it.

The Royal Palace

The Swedish Royal Palace is another place that tends to offer a complete vacation experience as it helps you witness history and other related elements. With several hundred rooms decorated in the Rococo style, you will be mesmerized to witness things and understand all that it brings to the table. The spectacular architecture is another aspect that is bound to take you by surprise. Due to all that, you need to pay a visit to the Royal Palace.


The oldest church in Gamla Stan is easily one of the best places that stand to take your trip to the next level. When it was first built in the 12th century, and it was nothing but a chapel. With time, things became unique, and the exterior went to stand as an example of the Baroque style and the interior as Gothic style. Thanks to all that, one has a lot to gain from this place, and exploring the same will eventually help you fall in love with it. So go ahead and look towards experiencing architecture at its finest.


Displaying the work of Nobel laureates, the Nobel Museum is a place dedicated to the sole cause of all that it stands for. To give you an idea of its specialty, you need to know that the acceptance speeches of numerous laureates can be heard, and the list also includes Martin Luther King Jr. Moreover, the place also has a bookstore with biographies about various Nobel laureates. So exploring the place will help you get used to a good trip and you can understand all that the land offers to tourists.